5/13 Monday-

Last night I get a call from a regular of ours wanting to know if he'll be able to get bait later on.  He was fully aware of the conditions, but stated since he can't be with his mom on Mother's Day he has made it a tradition to fish every year on this day. Sure enough, Jay shows up at the shop a little after 10 pm last night, got his bunker & off he went hoping to hook into a cow. the story didn't happen.  Jay came back in just after 6 this morning. After putting on two 10 oz sinkers & having it sweep back onto the beach he eventually packed up & hit the bay. Bay was more manageable & ended up getting on bluefish. All released.  See picture on Home Page.  

Expecting it to be slow today as weather forecast is still not favorable.  Door is open in case an of you want to come in & keep me from falling asleep on this dreary blah omg this sucks Monday.

Today's Weather

5/13 Monday

AM-Coastal Flood Advisory.  Cloudy with 90% chance of heavy rain. Hi 51. Windy with  ENE to 22 mph

PM-Mostly cloudy with 70% chance of rain likely.  Low 47. Windy, N 8-22 mph.

Tomorrow's Weather

5/14 Tuesday

AM-Mostly cloudy with 40% chance of isolated showers. Hi 55. W to 9 mph

PM-Partly cloudy with 40% chance of scattered showers. Low 47. WNW 10-15 mph,  gust 21


5/13 Monday


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