9/5 Thursday

Weighed in a 28" 8.34lb striper caught North End on artificial. Good signs for the upcoming Fall season.  


9/14 Saturday

Had another 8lb striper caught by Robert in inlet on artificial yesterday, earlier in the week Jeff with a just over 14lb sheepshead caught off the rocks.   Barnegat Inlet water temp down to 72 degrees.  


9/15 Sunday

Plenty of bait fish around, with Blues chasing, use Mullet on a  Mullet Rig for best results with avg fish in the 3-5 lb range.  Bass hitting on artificial in the Inlet, with sporadic Fluke keepers, however some shorts in the surf.  Tog on the rocks with a few keepers being caught.  The Derby Registration is up and running stop in get signed up now.




8/6 Tuesday

It's still a King Fish year as they continue to be in both the bay and front side. Also in the back bay blow fish are still around..  Fluke has been a season of shorts so far however if you put in your time there are a few keepers being landed from beach.  crabbing off to a slow start however those who are catching are up to 7".


8/13 Monday

King fish continues to be around, there are some fluke off the surf if you put in your time.  In the bay weakfish and blowfish continue to be around.  With snapper blues in both the bay and the surf.  Saw a few trigger fish, and black fish being caught in the inlet.  


8/15 Thursday

King fish continues to be around on ocean side using fish bites or blood worms. Lots of fluke shorts with a few keepers in the mix off the surf if you put in your time.  Snapper blues in both the bay and the surf.  Then in the inlet reports of black fish right at the lighthouse with a few fluke around as well.  Report comes from #teamJerry   


8/24 Saturday

Small blowfish and seabass in the back, with short fluke on the front side, the conditions were rough today and could be the same over next few days with offshore storm moving up from the south. 



7/2 Tuesday

Fluke is getting hot, using gulp both on surf and back bay. Night bite has been shark, brown, sand tigers up to 10ft and several reports of large skates.  Blues still around using bunker, and blood worms are landing some king fish.  Stay cool this week the temps are rising as is the summer fishing or should I quote Jerry "catching"


7/7 Sunday

Fluke continues to be picking up in the bay lots of shorts with keepers mixing in.  Bait of choice is still gulp, our shops own Cam spent an hour on the beach to day landed several kingfish on fishbite (fishbites have been deadly this season so hot they are on back order) snapper blues hitting silver and bunker chunks.


7/21 Sunday

Fluke fishing is still steady with Gulp and Fish Bellies working best so far.  King fish are plentiful and even saw a weakfish being caught in the bay.  Snapper blues hitting bunker and Triggers hitting on squid.  Finally the kids crabbing contest is in full swing with several nice blue claws coming coming in.  Keep up the good job kids, keep cool and stay catching. 


7/27 Saturday

King fish continues to be on fire, blood worms, snapper blues in the back bay and now showing up on the front side.  Fluke, still plenty of shorts with a few keepers on gulp.  Put your time in you will be rewarded.


7/29 Monday

It's all about the King fish this year, as they continue to be around.  Snapper blues, cow nose rays and brown sharks on the ocean side, while the bay blow fish and king fish there as well.  Fluke has been a season of shorts so far and crabbing off to a slow start.



6/2  Sunday-

Beautiful warm day with mild conditions. Water is clean. Only report back to us today so far is short fluke.  Yesterday, nice amount of fish being caught, more specifically blue fish bite was on, with a range in size from 2lbers to 10plus. Some keeper bass off the beach as well on bunker. We just got another batch of fresh bunker in about an hour ago. We close today  at 4pm. After hours will be hit or miss so definitely call for availability

6/5 Wednesday

Besides the  Cobia being caught (picture on home page) had a couple of Stripers weighed in for Rick and James Walek.  For Rick a 43 1/4" weighing 27.04 lbs and for James a nice 35" coming in at 14.5 lbs.  Both were caught  in North Beach using SCB&T bunker.  2 day weather and tide schedule posted daily Keepin it Reel  so you have all the info needed to go catching.

6/12 Wednesday

On Monday had a couple of Blue fish weighed in for Tim and Joe, each one tipping the scale at just over 11lbs.  While Tyler, the brother of employee Cam with a nice 20" fluke.  Tuesday LBIFC member Bruce weighed in a striper coming in at 9.5lbs caught on bunker in HC.


Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there.  Had another striper photo sent to us caught last night by Glenn Cutts using bunker chunk.  Seeing black drum being caught north and south so they are there being caught on clam.    

6/20 Thursday

As the stripers leave the area the fluke are arriving.   Still a few stripers being caught on bunker chunk on their migration north.  The summer fluke are starting to hit on bucktail, minnows  and gulp up to 3lbs 20" .   Blues still around on frozen bunker.  The drum are remaining just north and south of Island being caught with salted clam they can't be avoiding entire area set a rod for drum


MAY Previous Fishing Reports

5/1 Wednesday-

Last night, after hours customer Kasey with his side kick, who is yet to be nicknamed, had a nice bluefish that was weighed in for our store tournament.  Weight of 10.42 lbs, caught on bunker in Ship Bottom. This goes onto the board in 1st place. There have been no other fish entered into our shops bf tournament  & none entered into the Spring Derby Tournament.  

Today, so far, it's breezy, damp,  with reports of big dog fish, some grass in the water & holding with 6.

5/2  Thursday- Bluefish! More bluefish making an appearance with some nice sized ones hitting our scale.Yesterday,  Mike G from LBIFC weighed in a 14.30 lb blue that put himself in 1st in our store tournament & the leader for the Spring Derby.  Carl not too far behind him with a 12.76 same day.  Multiple confirmed reports and pictures to show those yellow eyes are hitting the lines out there in a decent showing. Bunker continues to be choice bait. We are currently out of fresh bunker, but have frozen available until our delivery of expected bunker later today. 



Update-LBIFC member, TIm Stumpf, out just past midnight & got into 4 keeper stripers. Kept biggest weiging in at 23.94 lbs & claiming him  a 2nd place spot in the Spring Derby. See picture on home page.

Update-Joseph Hettler came back to the shop before hitting the road back home. Adding on to his report from earlier this morning, he & his brother got 4 short bass on both bunker & clam. But better, was the 13 lb bluefish he landed. See picture home page. Caught on  bunker. 

This morning the Hettler brothers, Francis & Joe have been throwing bait since 4am. Got into a few small bluefish & came back to the shop to get more bunker. Water is clean & holding with 8. Another angler, LBIFC member, John Moran was out this morning & showed up at the shop with his 11.92 lb striper. Released a fat 28" bass, 2 shorts & 1 small bluefish; also held fine with 8oz.  

Last two days we haven't been hearing as many fish being caught. Fishing difficult yesterday morning with the undertoe sweep making it difficult to hold bottom. Few shorts on clams and small bluefish on bunker.  For a week leading into the slowdown there had been a decent showing in bass & bluefish, with a red drum & black drum off the surf as well. Keeper size fluke caught off the rocks in the 19-24" range. but we  have a few more weeks for the season to open up.-May 24th with 3 at 18".  Bunker remains the #1 choice bait for stripers and bluefish. Got a delivery yesterday & have in an order for another delivery tomorrow. Will you keep you posted.  

After hour customers-both cell numbers to call for after hours are provided on the home page. If you can't get through to one of us, try the other.  


5/11 Saturday-

Yesterday we had reports of small blues, with one notable 10.72 lb bluefish weighed in by Mark fishing SB using bunker.  Short bass with one dinner size brought to our attention.  This morning our angler from Manhattan was set up by Jerry, listened to his suggestions, went out & got himself a keeper in SC on bunker. Picture to come. He is definitely a Team Jerry supporter after that! Bunker supply is low, but George is back at it . Couple hundred more pounds expected sometime today. Looks like later tonight and tomorrow may be wash outs with the weather. Hopefully forecast is wrong. It's been known to happen.  Hopefully the weathermen are wrong again & I will spend my Mother's Day out on the beach trying to get one on the board. 


5/12 Sunday 

Happy Mother's Day!

It's absolutely miserable out. Despite the weather here's a shout out to all of us mother's out there for trying our best and always putting our kids first. The hardest, most exhausting and best thing ever is the day we become blessed to take on the role of a parent. 

Typically, for Mother's Day I request pizza, movies & fishing. This year, my oldest is at college in the midst of finals finishing up her junior year at NYU and both of my sons are in Miami coming home later tonight. Today, is a lazy Sunday that will eventually find my way to the couch underneath a blanket with tv on or book in hand since fishing is out.

Ray and his girlfriend were in the shop just a bit ago with Ray's 12.62 lb stripe that he got last night just before the rain started coming down hard. His girlfriend had a bluefish but released it. LBIFC members Chuck & Kevin fishing last night got into fish around midnight & 4am. Not for the fair weathered fisherman, but they are among are hard hitters and it proved successful as Kevin got a 13.92 lb bass & Chuck a 25.80 lb bass.  Yesterday, Tim brought in his 16.78 lb bass & Al a 15.08 lb bass.  All of these were on bunker.  Other then that, things are quiet in the shop, but the wind is loud & gusting hard.


5/28 Tuesday

Day some bluefish at the inlet on metal, bunker and salted bunker. Short bass in HC & SC on bunker.

Big school of blues decent size last night in SC hitting white hydro minnow.


APRIL Previous Fishing Reports


4/17 Customers reporting a lot of action in the bay using bloodworms, clams and soft plastics, with a better bite at night.   Some shorts being caught out front using bloodworms and clams.  Few tog being picked up at the rocks, clam and green crabs. Tog Season closes April 30th & reopens August 1st.

Currently ocean temp is about 49.


4/18-Nothing to report as of now. As soon as we hear anything, we will update here and on FB.  Unfortunately for the holiday weekend it does not look like the weather will be cooperating.  Gusting winds and rain. All to familiar to all of last years weather conditions.

Currently ocean temp is about 49.



A lot of people taking advantage in the break in weather yesterday over the holiday weekend. Reports continue to be the same, short bass & getting bites but can't hook into them.  Kiddo Nick & his dad in yesterday, went out & within 20 minutes Nick landed a short & missed one, using clams.  We always appreciate getting reports back, but when it's kids, we get really excited. See Nick's picture on our homepage. #smileworthy #kidswhofish

We finally have the signups for the Spring Derby which starts 4/27. The Spring Derby (formally known as Simply Bassin') is paying out for the top 3 stripers and top bluefish.

Also, signups are starting for our in house shop striper and bluefish  tournaments.  Stop in and sign up. 

Customers in today some targeting  stripers, but most heading out for tog. What a nice Easter dinner blackfish would bring to the table. That would trump lamb, ham & primerib imo. Keep those reports coming in. Will update as able. Shop is closing at 2 today, but will be available for our "after hours" Currently ocean temp 49



3:30 PM UPDATE: Just got a delivery of fresh bunker in!

Expecting to hear more fish being caught any day now.  Hope this wont be the sentence we cling to with never seeing the fish appear like in the fall. But based on reports around LBI there is optimism.  

Saturday marks the 3rd Annual Nicole Borne Fishing Tournament on LBI.  Teams up to 6 & individuals may fish this tournament. In person registration is day of at the Surf City Fire Company between 5:30am-7am For more information on the tournament contact Rich Hedenberg at (609) 705-8500

email: sales@rhcustomrods.com or by going to www.rhcustomrods.com

We will be opening at 4am on the day of the tournament to accommodate all anglers fishing this tournament. We offer ten percent off all purchases, with few exceptions.  This is a tournament you don't want to miss with a huge amount of prizes being offered. 


Update-Another keeper brought in to our shop.  Sam's fish weighed 9.86 lbs 30.5" caught on bunker, north end, using 4 oz to hold. 

Update-2 keeper stripers broght into shop today, both caught on bunker, both caught on incoming.Brenden's weighed 11.96 already bled out & measured 33 1/2", also had a short on clam. Carl's weighed 10.04 lbs with a length of 30  1/2" caught on the north end on bunker, with a few shorts on bloodworms.

Another beautiful day on LBI. Anglers taking advantage & hitting the beach, using surf clams, bunker & bloodworms as choice baits. More shorts making a showing out front. Keep those reports coming. Andy W back out to the rocks for the last week of tog. Shorts & a few keepers being the norm.

Just now, received a report of blowfish & kingfish on the beach.  6-8oz is holding.



Update-negative on the reports coming back to us today, but we did just get over 300 lbs of bunker delivered.

Yesterday had a lot of anglers hooking into fish. Mostly shorts, few keepers, blowfish, skates . Haven't received any reports back yet today. Keep checking back for updates  and changes in bait status.


4/26 Friday

Update- This morning, Vince out on his boat hooked up with a nice keeper using bunker. See photo on Home page.

Had a quiet day yesterday, but then after hours had 2 stripers brought in. One for our very own Jerry. Jerry & Dead Head Dave fishing the north end  last night. Celebrating his birthday fishing Dave got into our island mascots, dogfish & skates, always here to greet us on LBI!  Jerry not only got a keeper, but he gets on the scoreboard for Team Jerry in the Jerry/Susan Fish Off.  About midnight Matt sends me a report of all skates & another hour & a half goes by I get a phone call, he's got a weigh in! Matt is in the store tournament & gets on the board with his 15.18 lb, 32 1/2' length & 19" girth bass. It was a fat fish. See pictures on home page.  

Both of these fish were caught on bunker & both caught on the north side of the island from the surf.

Weather is looking shitty for today. Rain & wind. Rain is supposed to clear out for tomorrow but wind is forecasted  to be gusting. Lots of Sputniks in stock for those fishing the 3rd Annual Nicole Born Fishing tournament tomorrow. 



That was crazy weather yesterday-cloudy, then sun, then downpours, then clear, more downpours with flash flooding, lightning, and tornado watch. As soon as the lightning subsided, we had our diehards out there, including Jerry, who once again brings home a keeper.  He's 2 for 2. Team Jerry prevails!

Today, you might notice a lot of anglers fishing the beaches despite the  gusting winds. There are aprox 52 teams fishing  the third annual Nicole Born Tournament put on by RH Custom Rods.  Hopefully there will be a lot of measurable fish. As soon as we get any reports we will update it here.  There were 2 confirmed bluefish caught off the beach yesterday.

Today, starts the first day of The Spring Derby on LBI & runs until June 23rd. $20 registration. You  can sign up & weigh in your fish here, Fisherman Headquarters or  JIngles Bait & Tackle.  Top 3 Stripers & top bluefish paid out.

Our store tournament is also underway. $10 entry for stripers and $10 for bluefish. Top three fish in each species pays out. Store tournament runs until June 30th.


It's been a few days since been able to update this site. If it happens again, & be assured, it will, you can always call the store or go to our Facebook page for any information.  Saturday, the turnout for the Nicole Born Tournament was much more impressive then the fishing. A 20' bluefish was entered, but conditions were difficult with gusting winds. The prizes still made this worthwhile for anglers and left many with some nice goods. The night before & that evening we saw fish being brought in.  And ever since we have had fish hit the scales with local angler TJ entering multiple bass into the Spring Derby and our store tournament. Tj fishes before and after work, putting in his time at his honey hole. Currently TJ takes 1st in our store tournament & 2nd in the Spring Derby.  TJ isn't the only angler landing bass, we've seen a bass or more each day. Bluefish have begun to make a stronger appearance with some nice sized ones among the mix. All keepers we have seen & or weighed in have been on bunker.  Speaking of, we just got another 200 lbs delivered.  Please check for availability on after hours. It's almost always available, but there are times that we can't come down & times we just don't hear the phone out of pure exhaustion. We apologize for when that happens, but the odds are still in your favor with a 90% chance you'll get one of us to open up for you. 


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