Register to Fish in NJ

All anglers 16 years and older need to be registered to fish saltwater in NJ. It is free to register.  You do NOT need a license to saltwater fish, only a free registration. 



You will need a license to crab (overnight style only) , clam & other shellfish, hunt & freshwater fish in NJ. Licenses can  be obtained online at NJFW.

Surf City Bait & Tackle will no longer be selling licenses for the state of NJ. We stuck it out as long as we could & were the last on the island for a long time to provide this service despite how difficult the state made it. But, the cost out of our pocket to obtain a bond, the need to upgrade our computer system & more has made this service unfeasible for us to do this any longer. 

Driving on the Beach


Each township sells their own permit at the police station. 

Driving on the beach is limited to specific months. 

Make sure you air down and that you have the necessary tools and phone numbers should you get stuck. It happens more then you think.

SCBT has free air for your convenience to fill your tires back up. Please do not leave the air hose on the ground. This too happens more then you think.

For more information, including access points, contact the town's police station and check out NJ Beach Buggy Association. 

Seasons, Size & Bag Limits


 Black Drum: 16" minimum size, 3/angler, no closed season 
Black Sea Bass: 12-1/2” minimum open 5/15-6/22 (10 fish); 12-1/2” minimum open 7/1-8/31 (2 fish); 12-1/2” minimum open 10/8-10/31 (10 fish); 13" minimum open 11/1-12/31 (15 fish)
Blue Crab: 3" minimum size for peeler/shedder 3-1/2" for for soft shell 4-1/2" hard shell Limit one bushell
Bluefish: No minimum size, 15/angler, no closed season
Cobia: 40" minimum size, 1/angler, no more than 3 per vessel.  June 1 to September 30.  
Cod & Haddock: 21" minimum size, no creel limit, no closed season
NOTE: Anglers aboard federally permitted party or charter vessels may possess any number of Atlantic cod, consistent with federal rules.
King Mackerel: 23" minimum size, 3/angler, no closed season
Pollock: 19" minimum size, no creel limit, no closed season
Porgy: 9"minimum size, 50/angler, no closed season
Red Drum: 18"-27" slot size, 1/angler, no closed season
Spanish Mackerel: 14" minimum size, 10/angler, no closed season
Striped Bass: One fish from 28 inches to less than 43 inches, one fish greater than 43 inches. No closed season 0-3 miles from shore; Delaware River from Trenton to Salem River open 3/1-3/31 and from 6/1-12/31; all other marine waters open 3/1-12/31 except beyond 3 miles which is closed year-round.
Summer Flounder: 18'" minimum size, 3/angler, May 25 - Sept 22 (17” minimum size, 3/angler west of COLREGS on Delaware Bay; 16” minimum size, 2/angler at IBSP)
Tautog: 15" minimum size,January 1 - February 28 (4 fish), April 1 - April 30 (4 fish), Aug 1 - Nov. 15 (1 fish)  and November 16- December 31 (5 fish) 
Weakfish: 13" minimum size, 1/angler, no closed season
Winter Flounder: 12" minimum size, 2/angler, Mar. 1- Dec 31 


If you don't know, let it go!

Know your regulations for NJ

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