Where to fish & or crab while here


One of the questions most asked is " WHERE TO FISH & CRAB IN THE BAY"?

​Bay Fishing & Crabbing Information

Best Time for Fishing or Crabbing the Bay is High Tide

Barnegat Light;

Barnegat Inlet jetty is a great fishing spot, but not safe for young children. There is a bathroom in the Lighthouse parking lot, and benches running along the concrete jetty.
West 5th St. off of Broadway is a good fishing spot for young and old. At the end of the street you can park along the side of the road. There is a sea wall-walkway that runs about 1/2 mile to Andy’s gift shop. Occasional benches line the way. It is a great place for tots to catch their first fish! For bigger fish you will need a long net to reach the water.  It’s  also fun watching all the boats going in and out!

Harvey Cedars;

Sunset Park (West Salem Ave entrance) is a wonderful spot for fishing and crabbing! There is a fishing pier.  A gazebo and bathrooms are available, also a park with swings and other fun things to entertain children. There is also plenty of parking!

Surf City;

Many streets in town have a bench at the bay end, with a small sea wall that allow some fishing and crabbing. Parking is limited at most. Some of the streets are 24th, 21st, 18th, 13, 11th & 7th streets.
Surf City boat ramp on Division St. is another spot. There are benches, and a gazebo.

Just beware of boats launching on the ramp. There is a park for the kids to play.

Ship Bottom;

West 3rd & 4th streets are a hot spot fishing and crabbing. There is a sea wall where you can cast out to deep water where many boats fish. It has benches, a gazebo, and limited parking.

If you are going for bigger fish a long net will be necessary to reach the water.

There is a park that runs from Rt. 72 to West 10th St.  It is a good spot for fishing and crabbing. It has a fishing pier, benches, bathrooms, and a gazebo. Swings & slides for children and a lot of parking is available.
25th St. Great for fishing and crabbing. Has a fishing pier next to a marina. Also has benches and a gazebo.

Some of the handicapped entrances to the ocean beaches, on our northern end of the island are on the following streets: 

* ​ Ship Bottom, 15th, 14th & 9th streets;


        *   Harvey Cedars, Mercer Ave, E. 80th streets

                              *  Loveladies, north and south tennis courts.